All teams are affiliated with Surrey FA & play in the Surrey County Women's & Girls League (SCWGL) with training on Fridays & fixtures on Sundays.


The current season ends on Sunday 10th May.  If you / your daughter are interested in finding out more, joining a team or creating a new team with Club support then get in touch.

Surrey County Women's & Girls League development teams

FA rules prevent the publication of any League results or positions for development football.  The girls play weekly fixtures.

U8s to U11s play development football in the SCWGL

U9s (years 4 & 3)

The girls started in our summer 2019 Wildcats programme and a full squad of 10 signed up as our youngest Belles in the 2019/20 season.  The team currently plays 5 aside football but will be moving to 7v7 in September 2020. 

managed by Bev Little & coached by USC's Louie Tomecek

U11s (years 6 & 5)

Following summer recruitment existing Club members Georgia & Maria were joined by girls from our Wildcats programme together with external enquiries. The girls play 7 aside football but are moving to 9v9 in September 2020.

Managed by Edd Kerr and coached by Wayne from USC

U11s Cubs (years 6 & 5)

A new team created with some existing players and new friends.  The girls play 7 aside this season but move to 9v9 in September 2020.

Managed & coached by Glen Daley & James Carter

Surrey County Women's & Girls League competitive teams

U12s to U18s play competitive football in the SCWGL and all fixtures are on Sundays at our home ground in Banstead or away at other club venues around Surrey.

Click the team name to find them in the League.

A new team created from our 2018 summer Wildcats programme.  The girls moved to play 9 aside football this season and have another year at 9v9 and already have a waiting list to join!

managed by Lee Ward & Joe Platt and coached by John Grieco

Under new management and playing 9 aside football this season the team moves to 11v11 on the full size pitch in September and are recruiting.

managed by Paul O'Brien & coached by Oke from USC

The core of this team has been playing since U9s and welcomed some new players this season.  The girls play 9 aside football but move to 11v11 in September 2020.

managed by Nicola Patterson & Darren Dulake & coached by Oke USC

The core of this team have been with us since U10s.  The girls now play 11 aside football.

managed by Roman Landowski & Michele Hatcher & coached by John Grieco

This team started as U10s and having welcomed and lost players over the years now play 11 aside football at the highest level in the county league.

managed & coached by Darren Raishbrook & Chris Edwards

The core of this team started as U11s and are now playing 11 aside football.The team has lost and welcomed players over the years.

managed by Peter Riggs and coached by Michael Lang

We have just launched our first ever women's team!  Playing in the Surrey FA Recreational League from January 2020.  Open to all ages and abilities and playing 7v7 football.  

Managed by Michele Martin & captained by Sam Bird

SSE Wildcats for girls aged 5 to 11

For girls wanting to try football for the first time, develop their skills learned at school or who might be interested in Club football.  

Goal keeper training with USC

We recognise the need for specialised goal keeper training and provide it free of charge to Club goalies

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